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Shopshop.com Launches New line of Embellished and One Shouldered 2011 Prom Dresses

Pomona, California, September 9, 2010- There are new styles emerging in and shopshop.com announces the new collection in 2011 prom dresses with embellished excellences and as it is claimed by the team of designers, “The outfits surmount trendsetting fashion for 2011. There are 2011 prom dresses for that dream come true makeover and we have come out with innovations in the embossing done on the outfits with more of the sequence work and dazzling jewels to accentuate the current trend.”

According to Andy Anand, couture designer for prom dresses for Shopshop.com, “Our search friendly couture gowns collection is responsible for the positive response we keep getting from our valued shoppers. Our shoppers consider Shopshop as a website with a shopping experience that is so worthwhile with its new lot of 2011 prom dresses inspired by red carpet styles and mesmerizing detailing. Each dress is stunning in its own sense symbolizing versatility and exclusivity to make every dress a standalone prom gown in itself. Shoppers therefore recommend Shopshop.com to their friends to get going with the definite show stealer dresses for proms.”

Shopshop.com is there to surprise shoppers with the ‘on display embellished 2011 prom dresses’ with the dazzle that is pre-dominant at the torso of the dress overlaying the inner layer and shoppers can place orders for the overall embellished bustier 2011 prom dresses with sequence work on the hemline of the gown. The minutely beaded bust covering in 2011 prom dresses and beadwork predominant on the borders of twin layered 2011 prom dresses have a special place in the catalog and 2011 prom dresses section stocks the beaded bust liners, included in the online catalog. Next in line to mention about, are the embroidered illusion style innovation found in the new displayed collection of 2011 prom dresses having lace bodice with embossing done on the outfits. The one-shouldered jeweled straps with something similar on the waistline of 2011 prom dresses is the new addition to the dress styles viewable online and as said by the webmaster, “Is something to be proud of, with the dress having sequence work over single shouldered prom dresses and embossing that covers on the bustier in an innovative fashion.

2011 prom dresses can now be added to the online shopping cart and orders can be placed therein. Likewise, 2011 prom dresses can also be ordered by a giving a call at the toll free numbers 1-(909)-634-8590 (Mon to Fri 24hrs), 020-7993-2248 (United Kingdom), 028-212-5303 (Australia).

The helpdesk is reachable at 1-(909)-634-8590, Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm Pacific Time.

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    • My daughter looked stunning in her prom dress, thank you you saved me a bundle - Dawn Smith, Atlanta
    • I can’t say enough positive things about how easy this whole experience was. Great Crew. Thanks! - Jean Crocker, Los Angeles
    • We have bought about 6 times since 2 years. The experience was clearly head and shoulders above the rest. - Kurt T, Dayton
    • Frankly i was scared with the low prices, but once i saw the quality i am glad i bought from you. - Tom Garner, Miami
    • Many thanks in advance and great dresses! I look great every time :-) - MARCELLE WILLIAMS, United Kingdom
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